Here is a video of a talk I gave at DevOpsDays Austin earlier this year. The talk is about building microservices using Swagger, API Gateway, and Lambda. During the talk, I also demo how easy it is to get started by building out an example microservice that mimics the Unix at command.

For demonstration purposes, I used Ansible to build out the automation. However, there have been a number of updates that make building microservices even easier today.

Here is a quick list of updates:

  • The Serverless Application Model managed with CloudFormation is now my preferred method for automationg microservices.
  • Lambda now supports Environment Variables, which I prefer to use instead of Stage Variables in API Gateway.
  • Chalice provides a Python framework and Lambda management CLI. I have not used it, but plan to try it out soon.

2016-Containers-Serverless Microservices on AWS with API Gateway and Lambda from Austin Devops on Vimeo.